Indonesia Opens 10th World Water Forum Fair & Expo in Bali's Strategic Areas

The Indonesian government invites companies, organizations, and countries worldwide to participate in the 10th World Water Forum Fair and Expo in Bali, scheduled for May 18-24, 2024. Participants are encouraged to showcase their tangible contribution to water resources sustainability.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the 10th World Water Forum and Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, urges all stakeholders to leverage this international forum to build relationships and share experiences and knowledge related to water management.

"I believe that the 10th World Water Forum will be a valuable platform to address global water issues. We must collaborate and work together to find innovative and sustainable solutions to ensure clean and safe for all worldwide," said Luhut.

Showcasing Innovation and Uniqueness

The 10th World Water Forum Fair and Expo are open to companies, organizations, and countries worldwide interested in demonstrating their contributions to water and sanitation sustainability. The pavilions will highlight technical knowledge, technologies, and innovation on water issues.

The exhibition will be divided into Country Pavilion and Organizing Pavilion. The Country Pavilion. The Country Pavilion exhibition is available of World Water Forum member countries to showcase their cultural experiences, information, and uniqueness regarding water-related issues and challenges, along with solutions implemented to address them.

Meanwhile, the Organization Pavilion will serve as a platform for 10th World Water Forum partners, including commercial and non-commercial organization, to showcase their best innovations in addressing water and sanitation challenges. The Indonesian government as the host country, also encourages organization focused on water and the environment to take part.

Local and Sustainable Businesses

The Fair in World Water Forum will be an open for local Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. Aligned with the World Water Forum's mission, SMEs, playing a crucial role in the economy, are believed to contribute to addressing water-related challenges.

In addition, SMEs owners also have the opportunity to build relationships with stakeholders, including policymakers, researchers, and investors through this trade exhibition. The involvement of UMKMs in the 10th World Water Forum will create a valuable contribution to the forum in general.

Participants and visitors to the 10th World Water Forum Fair and Expo can leverage knowledge and enjoy performances related to water. The Indonesian government is also preparing side events such as water festivals, water concerts, and talk shows to enhance the exhibition's dynamic.

Join the Fair & Expo

The 10th World Water Forum Fair and Expo will take place in the strategic area of Bali, including the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center as the main venue for the peak event of the 10th World Water Forum; the Bali International Convention Center located in the center of Nusa Dua; Bali Collection as a tourist hub; Art Bali as the center for arts and culture; and the popular Kuta Beach in Bali.

Exhibitors that are interested to participate in the exhibition have two booth options: Raw Space and Standard Booth. Those selecting Raw Space have opportunity to build their booth while adhering to the design specifications and guidelines issued by the World Water Forum Secretariat.

Exhibitors also can choose the Standard Booth provided by the World Water Forum. This Standard Booth package includes carpeting for the rented area, modular partitions, lighting, electrical distribution, and more. Pavilion opening prices will very depending on the exhibition venue, pavilion type, and payment period.

For participants interested in joining the Fair & Expo, fess start from 2 million IDR for SMEs, 6,5 million IDR for Raw Space booths, and 7,5 million IDR for Standard Booths. These prices are applicable during the early bird period until November 31, 2023. Details regarding participation fees and payments for the 10th World Water Forum Fair and Expo click here.

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