Indonesia Brings the Spirit of Peace to Water Diplomacy at the 10th World Water Forum

Jakarta - Indonesia will bring the spirit of peace in water diplomacy or hydro-diplomacy at the grand event of the 10th World Water Forum which will take place in Bali on 18–25 May 2024. The dialogue that Indonesia will initiate in the forum will uphold dignity and provide solutions to water challenges.

This remark was conveyed by the Special Advisor to the Minister of Public Works and Housing (MPWH) for Water Resources, Firdaus Ali, during a virtual press conference of FMB9 Road to 10th World Water Forum, on Thursday (28/3/2024). He emphasized the importance of leveraging water as a source of shared prosperity, instead of a trigger for conflicts. “Solving water-related problems should not sacrifice the available resources,” he added. 

“Diplomatic methods will be explored by hydro-diplomacy experts. The various forms of water philosophy will be adopted as Indonesia's diplomatic spirit in resolving water-related issues. We also encourage diplomacy to be simultaneously accompanied by collaborations to prevent conflicts and mitigate disasters," he elaborated.

Apart from bringing a spirit of peace, the 10th World Water Forum will also be the largest water meeting in history after the Covid-19 pandemic. Indonesia is also the third country in Asia to be the host country, after Japan and South Korea. 

He further explained that Indonesia also faces many challenges in preparing the event, including the limited time of preparations, for only around two years, in the midst of the rising global concerns over the impacts of climate change and post pandemic global economic recovery and growth. 

"The 10th World Water Forum in Bali is a monumental meeting to transform all policies, spirits, and enthusiasm, so that together we will face the future, making water a source of life and peace, not the other way around as a source of conflicts and disasters," said Firdaus. 

The 10th World Water Forum will present 290 sessions/parallel events consisting of 230 political, regional and thematic sessions, as well as 60 side events. There are six sub-themes in the thematic process, four regional issues, and five levels of the political process. 

"We also encourage the participation of the younger generation in this forum to bring new and fresh perspectives and to discuss, collaborate and find solutions to the current and future water challenges," said Firdaus. 

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