Embracing Balinese Wisdom: Rahina Tumpek Uye and Segara Kerthi,Enlivening the 10th World Water Forum

The celebration of Rahina Tumpek Uye and the Segara Kerthi Ceremony will be part of the 10th World Water Forum from May 18 to 25, 2024. Delegations from participating countries will have the opportunity to engage in this traditional Balinese custom.

The Acting Governor of Bali, Sang Made Mahendra Jaya, has inspected the ceremony site at Melasti Beach. He noted that Melasti Beach has several unique spots often used for ceremonies by the local community.

"Melasti Beach is a very suitable venue. Plus, we will conduct the ceremony according to local wisdom coinciding with Rahina Tumpek Uye, and we want the delegates to witness the ceremony firsthand," said Mahendra Jaya.

Rahina Tumpek Uye will welcome participants in the opening ceremony of the 10th World Water Forum on May 18, 2024. According to local wisdom, that day is considered auspicious or "dewasa ayu." Balinese people customarily celebrate it with the Segara Kerthi ceremony.

Aligned with the theme of the 10th World Water Forum, "Water for Shared Prosperity," the celebrations of Tumpek Uye and the Segara Kerthi Ceremony signify a day of purification and reverence for water sources as a means of human well-being and happiness.

Rahina Tumpek Uye

Rahina Tumpek Uye, also known as Tumpek Kandang, is a sacred day for Hindus to honor animals. Balinese people refer to it as "otonan sarwa wewalungan," which includes both domestic and wild animals.

In the sacred scripture Bhagawan Agastya Prana, the celebration of Tumpek Uye is not only aimed at animals but also at cleansing the relationship between humans and nature. Harmony with nature in this tradition is a form of reverence to God.

The Tumpek Uye ceremony applies the concept of Tri Hita Karana, particularly “palemahan”, which means maintaining harmonious relationships between humans and the environment. The teachings in Hinduism convey that all creatures should coexist peacefully.

Tumpek Uye is celebrated every six months or according to the Balinese calendar, specifically on every Saturday Kliwon. The Bali Provincial Government has instructed the community to observe Rahina Tumpek Uye since 2022.

Segara Kerthi Ceremony

In the cosmic Hindu spatial arrangement, Segara Kerthi represents the ocean or sea where all impurities are dissolved. This sacred place must be preserved by not damaging the coastal and marine environment and by upholding the values of sanctity.

The Balinese people perform the Segara Kerthi Ceremony periodically through rituals of ocean purification and pura-pura segara (mock sea temples). This is aimed at maintaining positive energy in the ocean as it plays a crucial role in life on Earth.

The implementation of the Segara Kerthi Ceremony is regulated in Governor of Bali Instruction Number 1 of 2022 regarding the celebration of Rahina Tumpek Uye. The rituals are also tailored to the values of the local community's way of life, Sad Kerthi in the New Bali Era.

In 2022, the Bali Provincial Government conducted the Segara Kerthi Ceremony with prayers, followed by fish feeding and eco-enzyme pouring, as well as bird release at Telaga Pura Agung Jagatnatha Denpasar.

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