BRIN Prepares Research and Innovation Programs for Water Resilienceat the 10th World Water Forum

In the framework of supporting Indonesia's chairmanship at the 10th World Water Forum, which will take place in Bali from May 18th to 25th 2024, The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) of the Republic of Indonesia has formulated several research programs and policies related to water resilience.

During the Talk to Scientist event at the World Water Forum on February 26th, 2024, Hidayat, Head of the Limnology Research Center and Water Resources of BRIN, outlined two challenges in water resources management in Indonesia: threats and services.

"In terms of threats, they can be grouped into three aspects: increasing water stress management, addressing pollution,, and enhancing sustainability as well as resilience to disasters," said Hidayat.

On the service side, it involves providing water for cities and villages, improving sanitation services and wastewater treatment, as well as modernizing irrigation and increasing productivity. This also relates to production and food security.

BRIN Research Programs

Hidayat stated that BRIN has formulated several water programs until 2029 focusing on the development of upscale Decision Support Systems (DSS) for watershed management, prioritized lakes, and sustainable water resilience policy products.

Additionally, there are disaster mitigation and hydro-meteorological disaster adaptation programs as well as water health improvement. BRIN has started exploring and identifying disaster characteristics in various regions to produce regional planning policies.

This national research center also conducts three activities related to water resilience at Program Houses (RP) managed by the Earth and Maritime Research Organization. Firstly, developing flood early warning system technology in the Bekasi Watershed.

Secondly, developing software-based DSS for controlling watershed land damage and river pollution. Thirdly, developing software as a decision support system for lake management called SIDANAU.

The Urgency of the World Water Forum

BRIN projects a water crisis due to population growth and current development needs. Research and innovation are expected to address various challenges and create concepts for water resource management that ensure water resilience and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

On the other hand, the organization of the 10th World Water Forum is also crucial because it concerns the interests of all humankind. This cross-border forum is a momentum to unite collective actions in realizing water resources as a source of common prosperity.

As a research center, BRIN actively provides ideas to ensure the success of the 10th World Water Forum. They have proposed several strategic issues related to smart water management systems, research funding, and facilitating the implementation of research outcomes.

The Indonesia government also invites international water-related organizations worldwide to participate in the organization of the 10th World Water Forum. Innovations from various scientific perspectives are crucial for sustainable water management.

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