Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can i join the young water Sustainability Leaders 2024?

Point Registration

I. You are required to create an account through the 

II. Choose program Young Water Sustainability Leader or choose "Youth Program Submission Box", then fill the form for registration and you will get a confirmation email replay.

Point Submission

I. When it comes to our submission date (March 1st, 2024 - March 10th, 2024), submit your documents through the website.

II. Go to our website,, and then choose the youth program.

III. Find the Young Water Sustainability Leaders program and fill out the form for submission.

IV. You have only one chance to submit your response.

2. Can I apply to this program if I had joined the previous YWSL?

Yes, you can apply and join, although you had joined the previous YWSL!

3. Can I apply this program if I had joined another Youth Program in World Water Forum?

Yes, you can apply for several programs, in kind of Youth engagement Program for 10th World Water Forum!

4. Is the program open to the public?

The program welcomes individual between 18-35 year old within any nationality.

5. How will the program be organized?

Overall, the program (High-level webinar, bootcamp, paper competition) will be held online. The TOP 10 will pitch their final presentation during           the 10th World Water Forum in Bali.

6. Do we need to pay to register this programme? Or do need to be registered first at the 10th World Water Forum?

No, this program is free of charge. All participants who have not registered at the 10th World Water Forum can still participate in this program.

7. Do all the participants get a certificate for attending the YWSL program?

Yes, all participants would get a certificate if they had joined the classes and finished the challenges.

8. Will the TOP 10 be funded to attend 10th World Water Forum for the final presentation?

The TOP 10 will be funded by the National Organizing committee includes:
Registration Fee 6 Day pass, travel (flight ticket round trip from your country city to Bali), accommodation expenses. Visa and Passport applications     are not included.

9. What is the official media account?

All information will be exclusively disseminated through the official email address and the official Instagram               accounts, namely  @worldwaterforum10, in collaboration with Ecadin and other upcoming organizations. The organizers disclaim any responsibility     for activities or actions conducted through other email addresses and unofficial Instagram accounts.

10. What is the status of the commercialization right for the works produced by selected participants?

The World Water Forum Committee will take commercialization rights of the works                   submitted by the selected participants.