Taxis are available 24 hours a day at Dakar International Airport. They are recognizable by their yellow color. They do not have a taximeter and any ride outside Dakar must be negotiated with the driver before entering the vehicle. For a ride to Dakar and its suburbs (Ouakam, Ngor, Yoff, Mermoz) official rates are displayed in the hall of the airport and is fixed (around 7.5€ the ride according to the hour).

Vehicle Rentals

Several car rental companies offer their services in Senegal. Some of them have an office in Dakar International airport where to pick-up your car 24h a day and others provide you with the car on your arrival.

VIP service

Several companies offer VIP transport service at the airport at an unbeatable price. From the airport to your hotel or residence, anywhere in the country, comfortable and air-conditioned limousines or minibus drive you safely through your journey. These services are available on request.

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