Working groups : Hundreds of organizations involved in the preparatory process of the Forum

Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Working groups

The International Steering Committee of the 9th World Water Forum has finalized the list of the 45 organizations that will form the Pilot Groups of the Forum and the more than 200 organizations that will form the Action Groups.

All Action Groups members working on the Forum’s four priorities - Water Security and Sanitation, Rural Development, Cooperation, and Means and Tools - participated in a series of introductory teleconferences about the Forum thematic content development process.

Following the teleconference, participants have started their work by nominating coordinators. Those important actors will have several responsibilities, among which they will organize the coordination of the work of their groups and its roadmap; oversee and facilitate the discussion among members and encourage them to render expected outcomes and results by the due dates.

Action Groups Coordinators will be in constant communication with the Pilot Group and inform them of the progress of their work. All exchanges between stakeholders concerning the content development will be centralized on a virtual collaborative platform.

Each member of the Pilot, Action, and Consultative Groups will have differentiated workspaces on the platform, where they will be able to interact through teleconference means, access documents, and exchange on important topics related to their work and the Forum content development.