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Monday, December 14, 2020

By Al Hassan BOUZELIFFA, Managing Director of Africa Pipe Industries and representative in Senegal  of Maghreb Pipe Industries

Following the various Forums that have been organized over the years, the 9th World Water Forum will be the one to discuss relevant responses to the water issue in the world and particularly in Africa for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 6 of the United Nations. The objective of SDG No. 6 is to guarantee access to water and sanitation for all and to ensure sustainable management of water resources by 2030. In addition, the 9th World Water Forum is being held in Senegal, a country where leaders are in tune with the water issue, hence a guarantee of success for this major international event to be held in Africa.

In accordance with the partnership agreement and the related action plan that the Maghreb Pipe Industries Group and its Senegalese subsidiary Africa Pipe Industries recently signed with the Executive Secretariat of the 9th World Water Forum, we will participate in all activities related to the preparation and organization of the event.

For preparatory activities, this will include sponsorship, promotion of the Forum and the mobilization of water stakeholders at the international level, including in Algeria, and active participation in all the events organized as a prelude to the Forum. Regarding the organization and holding of the Forum, in addition to the exhibition of our know-how, our high-level experts will participate in all technical working sessions on  themes such as water security, rural development, cooperation and Means and Tools. It will also be an opportunity for the participants to visit the Africa Pipe Industries plant which will in principle be operational during the year 2021. Our expectations consist mainly in sharing with Forum participants, especially Africans, our latest generation technology in water transport and distribution (DWS, irrigation, RWWWDS), and sanitation, and this under optimum conditions of flexibility, sustainability  and hygiene according to WHO standards.

In accordance with SDG No 6, for the Algerian group Maghreb Pipe Industries (MPI) and its subsidiary Africa Pipe Industries created in Senegal, the 9th World Water Forum will undoubtedly lead to relevant contributions relating to ways and means, especially in Africa for, among other things, universal and equitable access to drinking water, the efficient use of water in agriculture, hygiene and sanitation, particularly for vulnerable populations.

About Maghreb Pipe Industries

The Algerian company Maghreb Pipe Industries has developed, since its creation in 2004, a leading expertise in the manufacture of GRP  pipes systems for users in the field of large transfers, as well as for applications in sanitation networks, irrigation, drinking water and industrial water. The expertise developed to date has allowed full control of the new production technology of GRP pipes, giving its products a quality of international standards.