Promoting technological innovations and quality of service

Sunday, October 4, 2020
Jany ARNAL, Managing Director of SEN’EAU

By Jany ARNAL, Managing Director of SEN’EAU

The World Water Forum, whose 9th edition is being held in Senegal, is a very important event for SEN'EAU (Eau du Sénégal) and all of its 1,200 employees. It is an opportunity to show to the actors of the whole world the Senegalese expertise and our know-how. SEN'EAU will be at the forefront on all levels, especially in the organization of the sites that will host the participants with, for example, the Usine du Point B which will be a technological and attractive showcase. SEN'EAU will also take advantage of this global Forum to unveil its ambition for the sector in terms of technological innovation and quality of service through a clear and well-phased vision. We will show how we will go about achieving excellence in Senegal and become the Reference in Africa.

Allow me to congratulate the Executive Secretariat for the work that it is doing for the good organization and success of the Forum, particularly with the inclusion of all segments of the hydraulics and sanitation sector.  SEN'EAU signed a partnership protocol with the Executive Secretariat of the Forum. This means that SEN'EAU is already a major actor of the Forum. We are therefore very involved with the organizers and the actors of the sector to contribute to the total success of the event. We are in the process of rehabilitating the Point B plant site and we will make sure that all the other sites that will be visited by the participants find a new youth. We are also involved in other aspects such as communication and we are available to share our know-how wherever we can bring added value.    

We want to confirm that Senegal is at the forefront of the hydraulic sector in Africa and the world. With an almost universal coverage of 98.5% access rate in urban areas which enshrines the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the next step will naturally be to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To do so, we put human capital, which is a company's primary asset, at the center of our strategy.

We all want the World Water Forum, which is being held for the first time in sub saharian Africa, to be a great success in all respects, including organization, participation and content. SEN'EAU will strive to rally all its partners to the cause of the Forum. First of all, the SUEZ Group, a major partner of the State in the establishment of SEN'EAU with 45% of the company's capital, which is a world leader and will therefore naturally be involved at the highest level for the success of the Forum. We are also working with many service providers and they will all be involved in the Forum. We are also part of the African Water Association (AfWA) and the International Water Association (IWA), which brings together many water companies and will actively participate in the Forum.