Professional Women in WASH set the stage for their participation in the 9th World Water Forum

Friday, August 27, 2021
Professional Women in WASH set the stage for their participation in the 9th World Water Forum

The AfWA (African Water Association) Professional Women Networks in WASH in collaboration with the Executive Secretariat of the 9th World Water Forum held a webinar for networks of professional women in the WASH sector on 14th July 2021.  The theme for the webinar was, ''Strategic Positioning and Visibility of African WASH Professional Women Networks” and was to serve as prelude to the 9th World Water Forum to be held in Dakar, Senegal from March 21 to 26, 2022.

This digital women's forum was a way of publicizing the next World Water Forum and to mobilize women networks within and outside the Pan-African Association to actively and strategically participate in the event. In all a total of 264 participants took part in the webinar comprising of the AfWA Women’s Network, the African Women Sanitation Professionals Network (AWSPN) and Women groups under the WRC.  Participants came from all the African regional blocks: West, East, North, Southern and Central Africa and also America, Asia and Europe.

The webinar was hosted by Dr. Rose Kaggwa, the 2nd Vice President of AfWA STC and the Director of Business and Scientific Services NWSC, Uganda and Dr Leticia Ackun, the Gender Specialist from AfWA. It was moderated by Dr. Barbara Senkwe, Senior WASH Governance Advisor, USAID and chairperson of the AWSPN in Zambia with the support of the AfWA Professional Women’s Network coordinators, Geraldine Mpouma Logmo and Faustina Boachie and a committee made up of all the Presidents of the AfWA women’s networks.

The purpose of the webinar as an opportunity to mobilise all professional women networks in WASH for the WWF and provide participants with meaningful information. 

Mr. Abdoulaye Sène, the Executive Secretary of the World Water Forum gave an update on the upcoming Dakar 2022, preparations made so far, the prospects for women and encouraged maximum participation of all women, especially the various networks. He shared the outline of activities lined up as preparation towards the Forum and solicited for maximum participation of all in these upcoming activities.  There was an upcoming stakeholders’ workshop scheduled for October which he encouraged all to participate to be abreast with preparations towards the Forum.

At the end of proceedings, it became apparent the need for more involvement of women in WASH delivery and more collaboration among the various professional women networks to have maximum participation of women for the upcoming Forum.