Organization of the 9th World Water Forum: Senegal and ICESCO sign a partnership protocol

Friday, July 31, 2020
Serigne Mbaye THIAM

Senegal and ICESCO (Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) have signed a Partnership Protocol to better define the lines of collaboration in the framework of the organization of the 9th World Water Forum to be held in Dakar from 22 to 27 March 2021. The signing ceremony took place on the sidelines of a webinar organized on 27 March 2020 by Senegal, ICESCO and the Office National de l'Electricité et de l'Eau Potable (ONEE) of Morocco on the theme of "Water Security in the Islamic World: Towards the 9th World Water Forum".

Mr Serigne Mbaye Thiam, Minister of Water and Sanitation of Senegal, and Dr Salim M. Almalik, Director General of ICESCO, praised the exemplary cooperation between Senegal and ICESCO, on the occasion of the signing of the Partnership Protocol. Senegal, within the framework of the preparation of the Forum, has developed a strategy to mobilize stakeholders, particularly those from the countries of the Islamic Ummah. In this regard, it is important to recall Senegal's particular commitment to the Islamic Ummah, as evidenced by its hosting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Summit on two occasions, in December 1991 and March 2008.

For Mr Serigne Mbaye Thiam ''the current events of the Covid-19 pandemic eloquently illustrate the urgency of ensuring universal and sustainable access to water. In this regard, he is pleased to note that the challenges of water for the Ummah, as well as the shared convictions, constitute a tremendous opportunity for its Member States to work together to ensure a better water future by sharing their varied experiences as suggested by the OIC Water Vision "Working together to ensure the future of water".

Dr Salim M. Almalik reiterated ICESCO's commitment to support the Dakar Forum 2021 in order to make it a great success. While recalling the importance of water for Muslims, he commended the confidence placed in Senegal by the community in the organization of the Forum, which also testifies to the internationally recognized leadership of President Macky Sall.

Many speakers then called during the Webinar for a strong involvement of Ummah countries in the preparatory process and the organization of the Forum. For Mr Loïc Fauchon, President of the World Water Council, Dakar 2021 will be about finding a new balance between water for man and water for nature. Mr. Abdoulaye Sène, Executive Secretary of the Forum presented a paper on the theme ''The 9th World Water Forum, an opportunity for action and mobilization of the Islamic Ummah for the achievement of SDGs''. He took the opportunity to advocate for a historic World Water Forum, a Forum of tangible answers for the populations of the different regions of the world, so that water security for peace and development is ensured everywhere so that no one is left behind.