Forum's working groups are set up

Friday, April 24, 2020
The Forum's working groups are up

The World Water Forum represents a time, every three years, when the international community can bring together a diversity of stakeholders to raise awareness on water issues among political, social and economic decision-makers on the basis of shared knowledge, aligned activities on a common agenda and collective action to achieve these common goals, including but not limited to SDGs.

In view of the 9th World Water Forum to be held in Dakar from 22 to 27 March 2021, the Working Groups were established following applications received from all over the world. They will help to develop the content, which will be structured around four priorities: 

  1. Priority 1:"Water Security and sanitation"
  2. Priority 2: "Water for rural development"
  3. Priority 3: "Cooperation"
  4. Priority 4: "Means and tools"

The Groups are each coordinated by a pilot group. Action groups are also created at a more focused level in each of these priority areas. Potential links with the SDG targets are taken into account to create coherence, synergies and facilitate possible direct contributions to the achievement of Agenda 2030, based on established indicators.

Let us recall that the 9th World Water Forum focuses on concrete outcomes, for which collective action will be organized and presented through sessions. This means that action groups will identify ways to move the water agenda forward together in specific areas on a continuous basis.

The Action Groups will also be supported by a Consultative Group, which can act as a wider community of practice encompassing a variety of stakeholders. The consultative groups will operate on a voluntary basis. In particular, they may be asked to react to and comment on different proposals, express interest in actively participating in various activities, respond to surveys, etc. The Consultative Groups will be asked to provide feedback on the proposals, comments on the proposals, and advice on the implementation of the proposals. The Forum will serve as a starting point for reporting on these collective activities and strengthening future cooperation towards common goals. This will allow the creation of a series of activities aimed at collectively achieving concrete changes.

Download List of members of the pilot and action groups [PDF - 260 Ko]