Center for Water Security and Coopération(CWSC) : An actionable path for advancing water security

Monday, October 5, 2020

The World Water Forum represents the convening of the top minds working on water security across the world. For us, the World Water Forum is an opportunity to generate an actionable path for advancing water security. The Forum creates the setting to reflect on and understand the complexity of water security and to build the collaborative networks that are necessary to achieve it.

Our involvement

The Center for Water Security and Cooperation is a member of the Water Security and Sanitation Action Group and the Means and Tools Consultative Group. We are organizing an online "On the Road to Dakar" event and have submitted our RENEWAL project creating the first pan-African water security and law platform for designation as an "Initiative Dakar 2021".

Our expectations

We hope that this Forum marks a reinvigorated focus on the water issue and a commitment to achieving water security. We look forward to discussions focused on not just identifying the challenges, but on developing solutions that can be deployed.


About CWSC

The Center for Water Security and Cooperation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Washington D.C. Our Mission is to advance water security and cultivate cooperation by building a unified body of laws, policies, practices, and standards that ensure the availability of water for current and future generations, and a peaceful, stable, and vibrant global society. Our work focuses on understanding, evaluating and innovating in water law and governance across the world in order to ensure a future with water.