Autonomous systems for the production of green energy

Autonomous systems for the production of green energy
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The objective of the project is to install fully off-grid autonomous systems for the production of green energy, drinking water for human consumption and drying of agricultural products in 3 villages in the department of Zam in the province of Ganzourgou, Burkina Faso. The systems combine a mixed electrical and thermal energy production with innovative solar panels, a containerised water treatment and energy management unit that smoothes out the intermittency associated with solar energy, and a containerised dryer for drying agricultural products with the cooling air from the solar panels. This solution proposed in Burkina Faso could be extended to multiple applications in this country but also in Benin where we have projects of this type under investigation and in many other African countries. This project will enable POLYMEM to develop a new water treatment offer for Africa that will be integrated into the combined water/energy systems of TERGYS, which is a Young Innovative Co mpany from Aquitaine. This type of offer will also enable the export development of TERGYS' partners ST@ARTEC (BMS-EMS in Mérignac) and BASE Innovation (Thermophotovoltaics in Canéjan in the Bordeaux metropolitan area).

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