DISSO Platform User Guide

Login credentials

Your login credentials have been sent to you by email.

  • Sender: Microsoft on behalf of your organization (ms-noreply@microsoft.com)
  • Subject: Account information for new or changed users

Note your username: firstname.lastname@worldwaterforum9.sn

The password is temporary: the first time you log in, you will be asked to change it at your convenience.

User credentials
Tempory password

Temporary password

Enter the temporary password that was sent to you by email: Qan32777 in this guide.

Click on "Login". 

You will be able to change this password in the next step.

Custom password

This step allows you to choose a personalized password, your password.

Remember it well, coupled with your login, firstname.lastname@worldwaterforum9.sn, it will now allow you to connect to the DISSO platform.

custom password
Stay connected

Stay connected

  • Check the box "Do not show this message again"
  • Click on "Yes".

This window will no longer appear and you will stay connected longer.

Access Teams

  • After login in, you will be redirected to the office 365 home page on office.com
  • Click on Teams

You will no longer have to go through this step.

From now on, it will be enough to connect from https://teams.microsoft.com or from the Desktop version.

Office 365
Sign in

Connection to TEAMS web app (username)

  • In the address bar of your browser, enter the URL https://teams.microsoft.com
  • Enter your username firstname.lastname@worldwaterforum9.sn
  • Click on "Next".

Connection to TEAMS web app (password)

  • Enter your custom password
  • Click on "Sign in"

Connection to TEAMS web app

  • Chose (2) "Use the web app instead" to launch Teams in your browser
  • You can also download the desktop app by clicking on (1) "Get the Windows (Mac) app".