Indonesia's Ministry of Public Works and Hoursing Reises Awareness of Water Management

To support the 10th World Water Forum in 2024, the Preparation Committee participated in the 2nd National Seminar and Exhibition of Construction Methods and Technology organized by the Public Works Polytechnic of Human Resource Development Agency at the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

The exhibition with the theme of "Digital Construction to Accelerate the Implementation of Sustinable Construction" was a preliminary event of the 10th World Water Forum that took place for 2 days on 6-7 December 2022 at the Patra Hotel and the Convention Center Semarang. It was attended by various stakeholders, such as ministries/agencies, universities, associations, construction companies, industry players and the media.


The exhibition aimed to promote the 10th World Water Forum in 2024 which will be held in Bali from 18-24 May 2024 and to increase public awareness of water resources management issues.

The 10th World Water Forum 2024 booth presented various information related to the implementation of the international water forum along with the sub-themes that will be raised, such as water conservation, water equity, water disaster management, technology, cooperation and innovative financing for water resources.


The Minister of Public Works and Housing, Basuki Hadimuljono, said that the 10th World Water Forum as the water resources largest festival is targeted to be attended by 10,000 delegates and 100,000 participants (including participants and exhibition visitors on water and MSMEs). They will come from 172 countries consisting of government elements, parliament, private sector, academics, practitioners, associations, and others at national and international level.

"This is not ambitious, but we saw when they voted for Bali. The attractiveness of the World Water Forum in Bali will be very high. One hundred thousand people will gather for a week in Bali, of course this will stimulate our economy," said Minister Basuki.

Meanwhile, the Government of Indonesia has carried out the 1st and 2nd Announcement through the National Stakeholders Forum to discuss the theme "Water for Shared Prosperity" and several sub-themes that will be elaborated together with the members of the World Water Council (WWC).

"After signing the Framework Agreement between the World Water Council and the Government of Indonesia, we are ready to carry out the 10th World Water Forum in Bali effectively according to the timeline and agreement with the WWC," explained Minister Basuki.

Minister Basuki also said that the Government of Indonesia is currently preparing the 1st Announcement of the 10th World Water Forum to the international communities, which will also be the Kick-off Meeting in February 2023, the launch of a special website and the initial steps of the registration process.

The Head of the Water Resources Study Program at the Public Works Polytechnic, Suhardi said that the exhibition of the 10th World Water Forum was a very useful, especially for water resources communities. "This event is a sharing knowledge forum that very useful for developing the academic competencies and open up the opportunities for collaboration between universities across countries," said Suhardi.

By Team of the 10th World Water Forum

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