Facing Climate Change Issue, Minister Basuki together with the Delegation of the UN Water Conference 2023 Launched Green Transition Initiative Platform

New York - Minister of Public Works and Housing (MPWH), Basuki Hadimuljono with Korean Minister of Environment, Han Wha-Jin, as well as representatives of countries and global institutions who attended the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York, the United States, launched the Green Transition Initiative (GTI) Platform on Thursday (23/3/2023).

Minister Basuki said the GTI spoke of a real movement to show concern for the issue of climate change.

"Your presence here today proved the importance of the GTI platform and the importance of international cooperation in overcoming the challenge of climate change," said Minister Basuki.

Minister Basuki said climate change is one of the most urgent problems faced by the world today and this requires collective action and cooperation at the global level. "This is not an action that can be taken alone. It takes cooperation and a collaborative strategy. This is the essence of the Green Transition Initiative (GTI)," he said.

Minister Basuki explained GTI is an international cooperation platform that focuses on developing green or environmentally friendly infrastructure. The goal is to respond to the issue of climate change through environmentally friendly development cooperation. Then build solidarity for global climate resilience, establish partnerships in achieving adaptation and mitigation, as well as raise global participation.

"The GTI Platform is an initiative to encourage the international community to protect the environment and promote project-based adaptation and mitigation activities. The aim is to assist participating countries in achieving climate resilience and sustainable development targets through a green transition in infrastructure development and environment-based solution," said Minister Basuki.

As a real example in dealing with climate change, Minister Basuki said that Indonesia has been constructing solid waste , wastewater, and clean water infrastructure in nearly 600 cities/regencies in Indonesia, as well as the construction of dams/reservoirs, irrigation, flood control and beach embankment, housing, roads, and bridges.

"There are also project being carried out jointly with the Korean Government such as the Clean Water Supply Infrastructure Project in the New Capital City of Nusantara. This project aims to provide clean water originating from the Sepaku Semoi Dam using environmentally friendly technology. In the near future, there will be cooperation with other projects, namely floating photovoltaic/solar panel in several newly built dams. Hopefully these projects will contribute to global efforts to reduce and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions," said Minister Basuki

Minister Basuki hopes that the GTI platform will become an important tool for promoting international cooperation and sharing knowledge about green/environmentally friendly technologies and various other innovations.

"This will help us our efforts to tackle climate change and promote sustainable development. I hope we can realize this vision and spread a positive spirit among other nations. We are ready to be part of the change in the world," concluded Minister Basuki.

Attended at the launch included UN-CPGA Chair, Han Seung-soo, Vice President of Korea Exim Bank, Park Jongkyu, Managing Director General of ADB, Woochong Um, Global Director for Water of the World Bank, Saroj Kumar, Secretary Asia Water Council (AWC), Park Pyong Rock, and Global Water Partnership Chairmain, Palbo Bereciartua.

Jakarta, March 24th, 2023

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