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First Announcement for National Stakeholders Forum

 Jakarta – Indonesia has been officially selected to host the 10th World Water Forum (WWF) in 2024 at the 9th WWF in Dakar, Senegal. The largest international meeting in the water sector is planned to be held in Bali on 3-9 June 2024 with the theme "Water for Shared Prosperity" to answer global challenges and potentials caused by increasing population growth and urbanization.

 As the host, the Minister of Public Works and Housing (MPWH), one of the Ministers who is responsible for managing Water Resources in Indonesia, invites all stakeholders to contribute to the preparation of the WWF event in Bali. Collaboration across ministries/agencies/institutions is very much needed to show the readiness and seriousness of Indonesia, as the host country, in organizing WWF.

 "WWF is not a single ministry event, but a national event for waters, both marine, irrigation, environment, and others. This is an international meeting for Indonesia, so unite commitments in preparing for the WWF 2024 meeting for Indonesia," said MPWH Minister Basuki Hadimuljono at the National Stakeholders Forum for WWF 2024 Preparation at the MPWH Ministry Auditorium, Friday (8/7/2024).

 The National Stakeholders Forum is the first announcement for WWF 2024 at the national level. This event aims to prepare for the formation of the 10th WWF National Committee and to discuss the determination of the theme and objectives of WWF 2024 for Indonesia. Through the event, Minister Basuki hopes that all ministries/agencies/agencies can play an active role in discussing the substance of HCA/FA, which is targeted at the end of July 2022. "I leave a message for the younger generation to continue to be involved," said Minister Basuki.

 Implementing the 10th WWF is expected to provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to share ideas, practices, and best solutions in facing the challenges of sustainable water resources management. Several sub-themes that have been submitted during the selection include Water Integrated Conservation, Water Equity for Sustainable Development, Disaster Management for Global Water Challenge, Cooperation and Participation in Water Resources, Decision Support System for Water Management, and Water Innovative Finance.

Target Attended by 100,000 Delegates, Boost the Tourism Sector

 The World Water Forum is a meeting place for state leaders, corporations, NGOs, media, and the general public to seek solutions related to sustainable water management. In principle, WWF aims to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda and ensure the availability and sustainable management of clean water and sanitation for all by 2030. The world water forum was first held in 1997 in Marrakesh, Morocco. The WWF event is held every three years, and at the 10th meeting, Indonesia is the host, which will be held in June 2024 in Bali.

 Minister Basuki said that the WWF 2024 event in Bali is targeted to be attended by 100,000 participants, delegates, and visitors as well as 12 Heads of State, 56 Ministers, and 172 countries. It is hoped that with the presence of the participants in Bali, the World Water Forum activities will not only provide knowledge in the management of water resources in Indonesia but also bring in foreign exchange, especially in the tourism sector.

 "We can imagine 100,000 people staying about one week in Bali. Of course, the level of benefits for the tourism sector is there so that it can also move the local economy," said Minister Basuki.

 Meanwhile, the Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster, conveyed the readiness of the Province of Bali to host international-level events in terms of technology and infrastructure. I Wayan Koster hopes that no significant infrastructure development preparations are needed in Bali, considering that several infrastructures have been built for the 2022 G20 event.

"Bali is very ready to host and fully support this international event. As with Balinese local wisdom, namely Danu Kerti, which is the implementation of values to glorify and maintain the sanctity and sustainability of water sources. So we thank Bali as the host for this event," said I Wayan Koster.

 Also attending the event were Deputy Minister of BUMN Kartika Wirjoatmodjo, Secretary-General of the Ministry of MPWH Mohammad Zainal Fatah, Inspector General of the Ministry of MPWH T. Iskandar, Director General of Water Resources of the Ministry of MPWH Jarot Widyoko, Director General of Highways Hedy Rahadian, Director General of Construction Development of the Ministry of MPWH Yudha Mediawan, Director General of Human Settlements Diana Kusumastuti, Director General of Housing Iwan Suprijanto, Head of the Regional Infrastructure Development Agency (BPIW) Rachman Arief Dienaputra, Expert Staff to the Minister for Technology, Industry and Environment Endra S. Atmawidjaja and High Pratama Officials within the Ministry of MPWH and representatives of ministries/agencies/ agencies in the water sector.


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