The Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia Establishes Cooperation with South Korea K-Water in Water Management Infrastructure

The Indonesia government is currently establishing cooperation with K-Water from South Korea to build a sustainable future for water management infrastructure, including the development of the New Capital of Nusantara (IKN).

During a working visit to South Korea, Minister for Public Works and Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono, along with the Indonesia Ambassador for the Republic of Korea, Gandi Sulistiyanto, held a bilateral meeting with K-Water CEO Yun Seog Dae on Wednesday (5/7/2023) specifically to discuss the collaboration plans.

Minister Basuki appreciates the cooperation and commitment between Indonesia and South Korea that share a common vision of improving people's quality of life with innovative water infrastructure development.

"Congratulations and appreciation to Yun Seog Dae on his new role as CEO of K-Water. And also for the commitment and  participation of K-Water in advancing the water management sector in Indonesia. International cooperation is crucial in addressing challenges in water management, including climate change and the increasing need for infrastructure," said Minister Basuki.

Accompanying Minister Basuki was the Director General of Water Resources, Jarot Widyoko, and Special Advisor to the Public Works and Housing Ministry, Firdaus Ali.

Commitment to strengthening cooperation

On the same occasion, Indonesia and South Korea are committed to strengthening cooperation through exchanging knowledge and technology, capacity building, and developing collaborative projects in water management infrastructure.

K-Water has been working together with the Indonesian government as business partners. This South Korea construction company has previously signed a public-private partnership (PPPs) agreement on the Karian Dam construction project in West Java.

Furthermore, the Sepaku Semoi water treatment plant will also be built in the IKN project, using zero-carbon technology to support the Green Transition Initiatives platform. The initial plan for the construction of this project is set to begin in 2024.

South Korea's commitment to strengthening the bilateral relations in the water resources sector is also demonstrated by K-Water's participation in the 10th World Water Forum. On the second day of the Kick-Off Meeting of the 10th World Water Forum, on Thursday (16/2/2023), Minister Basuki was also having a meeting with K-Water Council General Manager Yong Deok.

Development of Extraordinary Projects in IKN

The Indonesian government is currently working on the relocation of Indonesia's capital from Jakarta to the New Capital of Nusantara (IKN) to achieve economic equality, particularly in areas outside Java Island.

During the bilateral meeting held in Hwaseong, South Korea, both parties also plan to conduct extraordinary projects in the IKN. moreover, in March 2023, the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport of the Republic of Korea, Won Hee Ryeong, along with 57 company representatives, directly visited the construction of the Sepaku Semoi Dam in IKN.

"We have had many collaborations with K-Water, including infrastructure development projects and capacity building training. Indonesia has many development projects in the IKN project," explained Minister Basuki.

Meanwhile, K-Water CEO Yun Seog Dae expressed his desire to become a business partner in various collaborative projects for water infrastructure development in Indonesia. K-Water also hopes to continue its good relationship with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and support the development of waterworks in Indonesia.

10th World Water Forum

The bilateral meeting between the Indonesia government and K-Water in South Korea is a significant step in strengthening cooperation between the two countries, especially in water management infrastructure development.

On the other hand, the Indonesia government is inviting K-Water to participate in the organization of the 10th World Water Forum in Bali in 2024. The forum aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience in global water management.

South Korea and Indonesia also invite countries from around the world to collaborate in ensuring the success of the 10th World Water Forum. It takes global initiatives for information, technology, and expertise exchanges in order to improve access to and the quality of water for all people.

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