President of the World Water Council and UCLG Encourage Local Authorities Participation in the 10th World Water Forum

Jakarta (26/3) - On the second day of his visit to Indonesia, President of the World Water Council,  Loïc Fauchon, held a meeting with the united Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) to discuss the agenda of the Local and Regional Process for the 10th Water Forum.

The Local and Regional Process agenda is scheduled for May 20-25, 2024. Subsequently, six sessions for the meetings of local government officials or policymakers will be held on May 21-22, 2024. Around 150 heads of local governments representing 50 Asia-Pasific regions are expected to attend this agenda.

President of the World Water Council, Loïc Fauchon, hoped for an increased number of participants and country delegations to the 10th World Water Forum. He envisioned this global forum as a crucial platform  for fostering cooperation and collaboration in addressing the water crises.

"We have only 50 days left before the 10th World Water Forum. We need to prepare for three processes: political, regional, and thematic. We also need collaborate promptly with governments and local policymakers." said  Loïc Fauchon

Fauchon added that the cooperation with UCLG, established in 2023, is essential for mobilizing policymakers at the regional or city level to actively participate in the 10th World Water Forum.

Aspirations of Local Governments

Stakeholders in the agenda of local and regional government will discuss issues such as water development as a global common resources; management and financing strategies for sustainable water infrastructure; expectations for participants, sessions, and partners of the 10th World Water Forum: and political dialogue concerning water among stakeholders.

Meanwhile, UCLG is currently drafting a political statement aimed at encouraging stakeholders and member state to:

  • rethink the value water as a global common resource as well as human right,
  • ensure access to water and sanitation for all,
  • Promote for the importance of cooperation ad diplomacy,
  • renew the governance frameworks for water management cooperation,
  • protect water ecosystems and biodiversity,
  • and finance water infrastructures.

These political statements represent the aspirations od local stakeholders alongside UCGL. These political aspirations will be collected and channeled as input for the Ministerial Declaration, the final outcome of the 10th World Water Forum in Bali.

At the 10th World Water Forum, UCGL will contriute to showcasing international cooperation in building climate resilience in cities across Indonesia. This contribute will be presented in a video divided into six sub-themes.

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