National River Day: Indonesia Encourages Global Collaborations to Safeguard Waterways

On July 27th Indonesia celebrates the National River Day as a time to highlight the value of rivers and raise public awareness of their importance.

Indonesia has around 5.590 major rivers and 65.017 tributaries spread across various regions. As vital water sources, rivers provide multiple benefits for the sustainability of communities.

The designation of National River Day is enshrined in Government Regulation (PP) 38/2011 article 74 concerning Rivers. This regulation stipulates that on National River Day, the government, private entities, and the public collaborate to directly monitor the condition of rivers.

Let's Celebrate National River Day!

To celebrate National River Day, local communities can undertake various activities in accordance with PP 38/2011 articles 69-27, including:

  1. Community empowerment through planned and systematic efforts in the prevention of river water pollution, river protection, and reducing flood vulnerability.
  2. Community empowerment programs can encompass activities such as socialization, public consultation, and public participation in conservation, development, and control of river water resources.
  3. Introduction to the river environment by conducting field trips, and organizing training sessions for river cleanups.
  4. Workshops on river management to improve knowledge and understanding.
  5. Working groups to collaboratively address river-related issues.
  6. Vegetation plantation along the riverbanks to maintain the river's ecological function.

This year, the Directorate General of Water Resources of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, in collaboration with the National Movement for Water Conservation Partnership (NM-WCP), will be organizing a hybrid and synchronized activity of The River Cleanup Action in 37 River Agencies on July 27th, 2023.

Conducted as part of the Road to the 10th World Water Forum, this event is open to the public and will take place along the Ciliwung River stretch from Kalibata to MT. Haryono, covering a total distance of 3.5 km. The river cleanup will start at Kalibata Rawajati Bridge, then to Pancoran Riverside Apartment, and finish at MT. Haryono Carrefour.

The Role of the 10th World Water Forum

The upcoming 10th World Water Forum plays a crucial role in finding sustainable solutions to water-related issues. Closely intertwined with human life, rivers are facing the threats of degradation and pollution.

A study conducted by the University of York, UK in 2022 revealed that nearly 300 rivers in 36 countries were contaminated with active pharmaceutical additives that can disrupt biological organisms and ecology. In addition, the prevailing issue of domestic waste is also found in various countries.

The 10th World Water Forum shares the sae goal as National River Day in advocating for the sustainable management and conservation of water resources, including rivers. The global forum present cross-border collaboration opportunities that are crucial in developing successful river governance practices.

Therefore, let us unite and be part of the upcoming 10th World Water Forum to secure the sustainability of our rivers and other water resources. Register now here, and be a catalyst for positive transformation in our world!

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