Indonesia will Present Best Practices in Water Quality Improvementat the 10th World Water Forum

Indonesia will address several key issues in the upcoming 10th World Water Forum, which will be held from May 18th to 25th, 2024. These include efforts by governments at all levels to improve water quality, aiming to create shared learning experiences.

Sigit Reliantoro, the Director General of Environmental Pollution and Degradation Control (PPKL) at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF), emphasized the urgency of the 10th World Water Forum in enhancing pollution control efforts and maintaining water quality.

"We will discuss how Indonesia's experience in controlling pollution at its sources can serve as a learning opportunity for other countries," said Sigit Reliantoro during the virtual press conference of the 9th FMB Road to the 10th World Water Forum on Tuesday, February 20th.

Furthermore, the international water forum will also address water quality monitoring, both manually and automatically. Indonesia already has a water quality monitoring system called Onlimo, the results of which are used to calculate the Water Quality Index.

Waste Management Facilities

The 10th World Water Forum, to be held in Bali, will also discuss strategies for improving water quality. In this regard, Indonesia will highlight successful practices in the development of Wastewater Treatment Plants (IPAL) and eco-parks, which serve as riverbank restoration facilities as well as pollution reduction measures.

"Then there's the effort towards environmental restoration through a nature-based approach. We will showcase best practices that have been implemented nationwide, both centrally and locally, which can inspire participants," explained Sigit Reliantoro.

The Sanimas,  a community-based wastewater infrastructure program will also be presented by Indonesia as a shared learning initiative for participants of the 10th World Water Forum. This program is aimed at low-income communities in densely populated and sanitation-vulnerable urban areas.

Since 2006, Sanimas has reached over 400 locations across all provinces in Indonesia. In its implementation, Sanimas prioritizes community empowerment through the involvement of local communities and a demand-responsive approach.

As the host of the 10th World Water Forum, Indonesia invites all stakeholders to learn from each other regarding successful practices in improving water quality and waste management. It is hoped that this will lead to concrete solutions for the provision of clean water to communities.

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