2nd Stakeholders Consultation Meeting:the Path to Water Prosperity

The Government of Indonesia, in collaboration with the World Water Council, will co-host the 2nd Stakeholders Consultation Meeting (SCM) in Nusa Dua, Bali on October 12-13,  2023. The event is a continuation of the Kick-Off Meeting which was held on the 15th and 16th of February.

The  2nd SCM will bring together stakeholders world wide to address critical issues that will be raised and further elaborated at the 10th World Water Forum next year.

water Crisis Demanding Collaboration

Water, a vital lifeline, remains a critical necessity for human existence. Yet, as of 2022, a staggering 703 million people worldwide still lacked proper access to this essential resource.

The scarcity of clean water has the potential to hinder societal productivity and exacerbate disparities, giving rise to social conflicts. Therefore, it is imperative that this issue becomes a central focus, particularly for stakeholders.

Effective collaboration among governments, businesses, and communities is paramount to mobilize the necessary resources and capabilities required to confront the diverse challenges within the water sector.

The realization of such collaborative endeavors hinges upon political processes among stakeholders. The political agenda plays a pivotal role in achieving our collective goal of "Water for Shared Prosperity," as envisioned in the framework of the 10th World Water Forum.

Let's Join the 2nd SCM

 The 2nd Stakeholders Consultation Meeting (SCM) will address several pivotal issues, such as water for humans and nature; water security and prosperity; disaster risk reduction and management; cooperation and hydro-diplomacy; water and innovative finance; and knowledge and technologies.

Eminent speakers such as Loïc Fauchon, the President of the World Water Council, Yoonjin Kim, Director of the 10th World Water Forum Asia Pasific, Thomas Panella from the Natural Capital and Climate Team, as well as Basuki Hadimuljono, Vice Chairman of the National Organizing Committee (NOC) and Minister of Public Works and Housing, alongside representatives from the National Organizing Committee, will expound upon these matters.

The 2nd SCM meeting marks a momentous stride towards the success of the 10th World Water Forum. Let us unite and work together for a sustainable water future. for further information, kindly visit  www.worldwaterforum.org.

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